Narcotics Detection Dogs
Drug Detection Dogs help to Maintain 'Drug-Free' environments both at schools and offices.

Our highly trained and experienced K-9 teams are always available to inspect private and commercial facilities for the presence of illegal drugs. A growing concern in all of our public areas is the possibility of narcotics possession and the responsibility to keep a drug free environment, for safety, learning and working!

A valuable service to any company or school serious about a drug-free environment.

             What happens when Narcotics are found?
We are a privately contracted service.  Detection work is performed to your instruction and guidelines, so any contraband found on the premises is held in strict confidence. If evidence of illegal activity is uncovered, the next course of action remains your decision. Human resource/management would be able to proceed with any or all of the following options:  suspension, termination, drug rehabilitation, parent intervention (for students), or legal prosecution .                                                                      
How Do Drug Detection Dogs Work?
Our detection dogs are highly intelligent canines who go through intensive training and behavioral programs to learn to detect Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana and methamphetamine. The same type of search and detection dogs are utilized by the U.S. Customs Department and other law enforcement agencies, governments and industries worldwide. Not only do these methods show cost effectiveness, they are highly effective!

A growing number of companies and educational institutions who want to maintain a drug free environment are utilizing these resources with random inspections thus creating and maintaining a strong psychological deterrent to those using or dealing drugs in schools and workplaces today.